This morning I woke up pretty early for an NES Mini. I knew they were restocking but I wasn’t crazy enough to line up the night before. I drive to the Best Buy in El Segundo and there were already 12 people in line. “FML.” I leave and drive to the one in Hawthorne. EVEN MORE PEOPLE IN LINE, like 20+ I drive back to the El Segundo one and get there at 7:30~

I got to Best Buy at like 7:30, but sat in my car until I saw someone else trying to get line. I was in line since 7:45.  They passed them out at 8:30.  So I was the last person in line that got a voucher, Voucher #16. The girl passing them out said if you had a voucher you could leave, you just had to be back by the time it opens at 10:00. They ended up having 3 more up to 19, but those were for people that showed up yesterday and were waiting due to a mistaken announcement by management saying it was restocking yesterday. An employee told the line that these people were approved due to yesterday’s mistake. Despite being told by an employee they only had 16 (not including the pre-approved people from yesterday) available for today, people STILL wanted to line up behind me. Some guy 4 people behind me asked the lady if there was a possibility to getting one.

She was like

“If people with vouchers don’t show up when it opens to pick theirs up we sell to whoever’s around.”

I was like

“She’s wrong.”

I showed him my voucher. It said we had up to 3 hours after opening to pick it up. He doesn’t believe me and still stays in line. The line disperses ahead of me cuz we have vouchers. I go to Starbucks cuz I’m a hipster. Other people chill in their car. Other people go eat. We come back at 9:30 and the 3 people from yesterday were there. Easy. Another employee comes out at 945 and REANNOUNCES what I said that you have a 3 hour window, not what the original lady said about having to be there at opening. She reads what’s on the voucher and that’s the official word from Best Buy as well. That’s ALWAYS been the case.

This guy freaks out,


“Sir, that’s always been the policy.”

“Well that’s not what was told to me. I want to see a manager. NOW.”

The girl walks inside to get a manager to be at the desk. I count 18 people in line. Only one person missing.

9:55, the last guy finally shows up.

10am, the Doors open and the guy arguing with management RUNS. Like full on runs to the counter and demands to talk to the manager. I’m just counting ahead of me… all 19 people are here. ALL of them have their vouchers too. Nobody was even late so even his best case scenario didn’t happen cuz nobody came AFTER it opened. Everybody with a voucher was picking theirs up upon opening. He starts freaking out. The group gets to the desk before the manager finally shows up.

“You wasted an hour of my life because I had to wait in line only for the policy to change.”
“Sir, policy is policy. If it was miscommunicated to you, I apologize but this has been the policy for all limited releases. You were also corrected on this 15 minutes prior to opening.”
“I demand to have the next available NES Classic. If you miscommunicated to these 3 individuals yesterday YOU MISCOMMUNICATED TO ME TODAY. You have to sell me one due to your mistake”
“This has no bearing on your sales for today. It was a new line today. Theirs was availability due to misinformation, yours was a hope on items not being sold.”
“I’ve been here since 8:25. ” (He wasn’t.)
“If there are any unsold by the 3 hour mark, you will be called.”

She starts writing down his phone number when an employee walks over.

The employee from the pick up desk walks over to the manager to tell her some shit I can’ hear. The manager then literally does what I did. She counts the NES Classics on the table… 1,2,3…19. Then counts heads of the people with vouchers lined up. 1,2,3…19. She’s like,

“Sir, everybody’s here. All 19 are going to be sold to these 19 individuals with vouchers.”

So… again, what I counted.

He starts looking embarrassed.

“I’m never shopping at Best Buy again. You never even have enough inventory for paying customers.”
“Sir, Inventory is determined by Nintendo not by Best Buy. Our location actually had the most in our area.”

He kicks one of those bins that Best Buy has in front of the store with headphones and useless crap nobody wants then storms out. It wasn’t that strong of a kick to knock it over but he was obviously angry.


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